Wright,Frank Lloyd
Dates: 1867-1959
Born in: Richland Center, Wisconsin
Major Events

1884:entered University of Wisconsin; studied engineering

1889: architectural draftsman in Chicago

1894: independent architect in Oak park, Illinois--began developing prairie-style houses

1911: moved to Spring Green, Wisconsin--built Taliesin Among major buildings: Martin House (Buffalo, New York); Larkin Administration Building (Buffalo); Robie House (Chicago); Imperial Hotel (Tokyo); Johnson Wax Company Administration Building (Racine, Wisconsin); Falling Water (Bear Run, Pennsylvania); Guggenheim Museum (New York City)
Major Publications

The Disappearing City(1932)


When Democracy Builds(1945)

The Future of Architecture(1953)

The Natural House(1954)

An American Architecture(1955)

A Testament(1957)

The Living City(1958)

Studies And Executed Buildings
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