Washington,Booker T.
Dates: 1856-1915
Born in: Halesís Ford, Virginia
Major Events

Born as a slave

Graduate, Hampton Institute

1881-organized Tuskegee Instituteóbecame leading spokesman for promotion of industrial education for blacks in south

Major Publications

The Future of the American Negro(1899)

Up From Slavery (1901)

The Education of the Negro(1904)

Tuskegee and its People(1905)

The Negro in Business(1907)

Industrial Education for the Negro
Atlanta Exposition Address, 1906
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Up From Slavery
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No major figure in African-American history has been subject to more interpretations and reinterpretations as Washington. Was he truly calling for the "Americanization" of southern blacks, or was his call for self-reliance in fact a pluralist view? For a contemporary view on Washington, see Kelly Miller Radicals and Conservatives