Dates: 1879-1966
Born in: Corning, New York
Major Events

Trained as Nurse

Married architect; moved to suburb of New York

Family moved to Manhattan; became involved in I. W. W.

After conversations with Emma Goldman, began to advolate birth control and control of venereal disease

1914:published periodical, Woman Rebel

Circulated information of Birth Control; fled to Europe in fear of arrest

Returned to creat birth-control clinic in Brooklyn--1916

1921: founded American Birth Control League(later called Planned Parenthood

Major Publications

Family Limitation(1914)

What Every Girl Should Know(1920)

Happiness in Marriage(1926)>

My Fight for Birth Control(1931)

Margaret Sanger: An Autobiography(1938)

House of Representatives Testimony
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Family Limitation
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