Dates: 1842-1910
Born in: New York, New York
Major Events

Educated mostly in Europe; member of a remarkable family, including brother Henry, one of the greatest of American novelists

1864:Entered Harvard Medical School

1865: joined Thayer expedition to Amazon

1869: completed M. D.

1872: recruited by President Eliot of Harvard to teach physiology; also began to teach psychology

Teaches W. E. B. DuBois and Gertrude Stein, among many other leading figures in American society

1898: First begins to use the word "pragmatism" in lectures

1899: leader of Anti-imperialist League

Major Publications

Principles of Psychology(1890)

Varieties of Religious Experience(1902)


Meaning of Truth(1909)

A Pluralistic Universe(1909)

The Will to Believe and other Essays(1912)

From The Pluralistic Universe
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